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Welcome to Dog Dynasty, where breeding Dachshunds is no small ordeal. We are a full-service breeder of Miniature Dachshunds that believe in providing each and every client with the highest quality Dachshund Puppies for sale, not only in Illinois, but Nationwide . Our adorable Miniature Dachshunds are sure to lighten up your home and open up your heart. We breed and sell mini dachshunds, “Weenie Dogs,” all colors, and all hair coats .

Our dogs are AKC and CKC registered. We have been checked by the department of agriculture in the state of IL for our kennels and dogs, and found everything good, and all our dogs healthy . We strive to provide all of our clients with a top-notch Dachshund puppy that will bring out that same feeling in them and start a lifelong passion for the breed .

Our puppies are bred with love and care, ensuring that they are free from genetic defects and health problems caused by overnight breeders . We are dedicated to breeding the finest Miniature Dachshunds. Our goal is to provide you with a great puppy from a fellow enthusiast, not a business person .

We have waiting lists for our puppies. It is “First Come First Adopt as Long as you are a Reputable Person and on the List” . If you want to join our waiting list, just email us and specify what Color( Black and Tan, Blue and Tan, Chocolate and Tan, Isabella and Tan, and Red), Pattern (Dapple, Piebald, Sable, or Wild Boar... we do not have brindles at this time), and sex you are interested in and we'll add you to our list. 

Thank you for considering Dog Dynasty for your next furry friend! 🐾

Types of Miniature Dachshunds

Smooth Coat

(Short Hair)

The Smooth-Haired Miniature Dachshund is a short-legged, long-bodied dog breed with a short, neat, smooth coat, big floppy ears, a long nose and a deep muscular chest. Their coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Smooth-coated miniature dachshunds are known for their stubbornness, intelligence, and loyalty . They are also affectionate, friendly, and alert . They are smart enough to assess a situation and can even problem solve. 

Smooth-coated dachshunds are generally easy to groom and require minimal upkeep . Brushing their coat once a week is enough to maintain it .


Long Hair

Long-haired miniature dachshunds are a unique and adorable breed. They have a soft, silky coat that is longer than the smooth coat and shorter than the wire coat . The hair on their ears, chest, and tail is longer than the rest of their body, giving them a distinctive look . Their coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns. 

Compared to smooth-haired dachshunds, long-haired dachshunds tend to be more gentle, sweet, and calm . They are also known for being affectionate and loyal to their owners . Wire-haired dachshunds, on the other hand, can be more feisty and comedic . However, it’s important to note that all three types of dachshunds share many similar traits that are typical of the breed .

Wire Hair

Wire-haired miniature dachshunds are a unique and adorable breed. They have a double coat, consisting of a short, thick, and hard outer coat coupled with a softer undercoat . The hair on their face, ears, and tail is longer than the rest of their body, giving them a distinctive look . Their coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Compared to smooth-haired dachshunds, wire-haired dachshunds tend to be more feisty, comedic, and clownish . Long-haired dachshunds, on the other hand, tend to be more gentle, sweet, and calm . However, it’s important to note that all three types of dachshunds share many similar traits that are typical of the breed .

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed with the State of Illinois?

Yes we are licensed with the Department of Agriculture through the State of Illinois as a dog breeder.
Our Dog Breeder License # 022-320

What are the payment methods?

We accept cash, credit cards, and cash app payments for the deposit.  We ask that you pay the balance in cash when you pick up your new puppy.


See Puppy Pricing Page for more information

Are all of your puppies the same price?

No, our puppies are priced individually
Some more common colors (for us) are less expensive
Some parents are dual registerered

Many of our adults are genetically tested

and other determining factors
There are lots of reasons for this decision, but the easy answer is, NO! Give us a call and let us know your puppy budget and we'll help you find a puppy for your family.


See Puppy Pricing Page for more information

Can we meet the puppy before placing a deposit?

Yes, Give us a call at (618)309-3733 and set up an appointment to meet any puppy that is over 8 weeks old


See Contact Us Page for more information

Do I have to place a deposit?

No! You don't have to place a deposit on the puppy. Especially if you want to show up the same day and take your puppy home.
However, if you plan to come pick up your puppy in a few days. We cannot guarantee your puppy will still be available at that time... without a deposit being placed on that puppy.
Note: If you are traveling to meet your puppy the same day- Call and make arrangements with us and we will make sure that puppy is held until you get here.

What if I place a deposit and then change my mind?

The deposit is a commitment from you to ensure that individual puppy has secured their forever home. Once we accept your deposit/commitment... That puppy is no longer available to the public. Meaning if you change your mind, that puppy may have lost not only your home but several other homes that may have been interested in taking him. Essentially meaning to find his new home... we have to start over.
So Deposits are not refundable or transferable.
With the only exception being if something happens to the puppy while in our care that renders him/her unable to be adopted to you. If this occurs deposits are then transferable or refunded.

At what age can I take my puppy home?

State law requires puppies to be 8 weeks of age to leave their mothers. For this reason we do not start showing our puppies until they are 8 - 12 weeks of age.
If the puppies are developing on schedule .... Once they are evaluated by our veterinarian and determined to be happy healthy puppies they will be allowed to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.
With that being said... occasionally our puppies are happy and healthy, but we believe they can benefit long term from spending a little bit more time with mom. In those situations we will ask you to wait a little longer to take your baby home...a few more weeks, maybe until 10-12 wks of age.

We just want to ensure our puppies have the best possible start to their new lives.

Will my new puppy have all of his puppy vaccines before I take him home?

Our puppies will be current on vaccinations for their age. Most puppies will go home at 8 weeks of age. They will have a parvo vaccine at 5 weeks and another distemper/parvo vaccine at 7.5 weeks of age.
If they stay with us longer we will make sure they receive proper age appropriate vaccines.
Once you take your puppy home. You will schedule an appointment with his new veterinarian who will determine the next vaccines that he will need and when they will be given.

How soon can I take my puppy on adventures outside?

We ask that you keep your puppy strictly at home with you until they are finished with their puppy vaccine series. This is usually at 4 months of age.
I know most people want to start showing off that new puppy and taking them to the dog park, PetSmart, puppy classes, your best friends house. This is very dangerous for your new puppy. There are lots of viruses and parasites that your new(very young) puppy will not be able to defend himself from...before being "FULLY" vaccinated and on a good flea/tick and heartworm prevention.
Instead, you could take lots of pictures and videos of your new puppy to show him off to the world.

What age do you recommend spaying or neutering our new puppy?

We ask our new owners to wait to spay/neuter their new puppies until they are adults between 12 - 18 months of age.
We believe this breed needs their hormones for their bodies to develop properly, which will reduce the chances of back and other health problems as they age.

Does it cost extra for breeding rights?

Yes. There is an additional fee of $500 dollars to obtain breeding rights for your new pet.  


See Puppy Pricing Page for more information

What food should I feed my new puppy?

There are lots of great foods to start your puppy on. There are also lots of variation in prices for puppy food.
I send enough puppy food home with your new baby to make sure he can transition over to a new food without causing stomach upset.
If you don't know what foods you like... I can discuss a few options with you.
I recommend Diamond Naturals Puppy Food.

Can we video chat?

I am happy to video chat with you with the puppy in the video with me.
However, I will ask you to call or text me to schedule this. So I can make sure to give you my 100% attention.


See our Contact Us Page for more information

Where are you located?

Dog Dynasty is located in Metropolis, Illinois... Superman's hometown!

We are in Southern Illinois about 5 minutes from Paducah Kentucky

Do you offer delivery?

We do offer delivery at an additional fee.
We are offer Professional and Family friendly delivery as a USDA licensed transporter.  Please find our page about Delivery on our website for more information.  
Contact us and tell us where you are located and we can give you an estimate for delivery.


See our Delivery Page for more information

Do you ship your puppies?

At this time we do not ship our puppies through any outside companies. I just do not feel comfortable handing off our babies to a third party person and trusting that they will be cared for. I also do not want to put a puppy in potential danger of picking up any possible illnesses(viral or parasitic)

We offer Flight Nanny Services... contact us from our delivery page for more details.

How long have you been breeding?

We have been breeding miniature dachshunds for as long as I can remember. My Great Grandfather started his dog breeding business in 1966. Other family members have carried on his legacy.  My parents starting breeding Miniature Dachshunds when I was 5 years old. So we have a multigenerational breeding business that we are very passionate about.

Will the puppies be seen by a Veterinarian before they go to their new homes?

All of our puppies are Examined by our local veterinarian, Dr. Baker at Metropolis Vet Clinic, before they are advertised to the public.  We want to make sure our babies are nice and healthy before letting them go to their new homes!

Does your puppies have a health guarantee?

We guarantee our puppies against any congenital problems. You can call and get a copy of our guarantee.
We do everything we can to make sure to produce very healthy puppies. If they have anything wrong with them we will take them back and give you a different puppy. We are also always available to help you with any problems that may arise in your new dogs life... just call or text.


Please see our Health Guarantee Page for more information... it is located at the top of this page

At what age do I start potty training my new puppy?

According to my mom's new book. It is best to start potty training your new puppy at 8 - 9 weeks old...

However, you should start potty training your new puppy as soon as you get them to their new homes. Miniature Dachshunds are highly intelligent and very much people pleasers.  So with the right techniques... you can potty train then within days of getting them home. Especially if you follow my moms method.
You can pick up a copy of her new book on Amazon:
Getting Ready for your Miniature Dachshund Puppy by Tammy Laird


You can find the link to her new book at the top of this page

Will my new puppy be microchipped?

Yes, all puppies will go home with a microchip. Please make sure to register your microchip through one of the more reputable MC companies. We like Homeagain:
However, there are many microchip companies that you can choose from.

Are your adult dogs Genetically tested?

Our AKC Dogs are all genetically tested for PRA and clear. We have begun doing full panel testing along with color panels.  All of our dogs are Brucellosis tested.
Our dogs are fully examined by our Vet and cleared for breeding.

What if after 2 or 3 years... something bad happens in my family and I can no longer care for my new pet?

In our contract that we ask you to sign... We make sure you understand that at anytime during the life of your pet, that you can no longer care for him.  We will welcome him back into our home and either find him another suitable home or let him retire here with our family.  We always have room for our animals.  Even if they are 18 years old and on their last leg.  We take them back.

We also specifically ask you to never take one of our dogs to a shelter, rescue, or Humane Society.  Please always reach out to us... No matter what the circumstances are.

So you have a waiting list? How does that work?

We do have a very long free waiting list.  Once you are on our list... we will continue to contact you via email and/or phone(text message) until you tell us to remove you.

Everyone on our waiting list will be notified at the same time about available puppies.  It is up to you to 1. contact me at 618-309-3733 to make sure the puppy you fell in love with is still available. 2. Place your deposit on said puppy 3. Make sure you give me your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, and schedule when you would like to pick your new puppy up... to allow me to get all of your puppies paperwork ready for that time.  

Simply, everyone is given the same amount of time to secure the available puppy.  

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions for us please call or text us at 618-309-3733
or email us at


You will find a link to our Contact Us page at the bottom of this page

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to be added to our waiting list. Please fill out the contact form or give us a call. at (618)309-3733


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